Friday, September 22, 2017

We Do I Begin?

Hello Everyone,
Where do I begin to get caught up on my blogging?  My sister Gail and I have been traveling around California for the last week attending quilting events.  I'm going to start with the most recent activity first, and slowly get caught up over the next two days.
I taught my Grammy Squares pattern and class yesterday at Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore, California.  The classes are held in conjunction with Quilting in the Garden which takes place this weekend. 

The girls were good sports and posed for a "Hometown Hooters" photo.  They were a "hoot". Starting Saturday, hundreds of quilts will be on display hanging from the ancient oak trees.  It is quite an event filled with so much eye candy.

The class was extremely productive.  Their fabrics selections were great!  So creative and so much fun for me to see great variations on my pattern.

The classroom in the nursery is the best place to be inspired and quilt!  It's bright, airy, large and quilts decorate the room.

 If you look closely at the blocks, you will see a frog wearing a bikini. 

We enjoyed our lunch in the greenhouse.

By the end of the day the design wall was decorated with Grammy Squares.

A couple of years ago, Bonnie attended my Once Upon a Vine class during Quilting in the Garden and brought her finished product.  Well done Bonnie!

Over the last week, Gail and I have literally met hundreds of quilters.  We've had a ball! At one point, Gail said she's having the time of her life. How lucky we are to be able to fill our days meeting great people, seeing beautiful quilts, laughing, receiving and giving hugs, filling our overflowing cups with inspiration, and just plain fun. 

When I started down this quilt designing road, I had absolutely no idea how rewarding this was going to be.  Quilters are the kindest people on the planet.  We appreciate you, your kind words, your hugs, your inspiration, and the love you extend to us.  We are so blessed.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

It's Showtime!

Hello Everyone,
Today I will be in my booth at the Sierra Quilt Guild's annual show in Sonora, CA at the fairgrounds.
We started with this blank canvas around 11am.

First the quilts go up on their stands along with the lights.  Then the magic begins when we place the props and product.

For this show, I brought my favorite old sled from the cabin to use in the display.

The booth is filled with lots and lots of goodies.

I feel like I'm playing house when I'm creating the areas for each quilt.

I will be demonstrating Patchwork Math throughout the entire show.

I would say I have a real autumn theme going on here.

Many thanks to my sister Gail, and Mr. Joe for driving, hauling, hanging, and placing each and every item you see.  This wouldn't happen without their help.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Work, Work, Work

Hello Everyone,
We really haven't had time to enjoy our surroundings once we got settled in.  I have four shows coming up in the next six weeks, along with two retreats, guild lecture and workshop, and teaching at Quilting in the Garden.
My sister Gail came up last week, and she spent three days cutting kits to make table toppers.  During the football game on Sunday, I put this one together.  Quilted, bound, done.

Here a just a few of the kits all packed and ready to go.

We have table toppers for Fall.

We also have table toppers for Winter and Christmas.

This is Gail's homework bin which she took home to package.  The packaging takes a fair bit of time.

We also have fat quarters of the new Apple Cider fabrics.  Lights sell like hotcakes at a show.

Gail has also been working on more little packets for the Grammy Squares.  My class is at Quilting in the Garden on the 21st of September at Alden Lane Nursery.  (Yikes, that is next week!) The nursery is such a beautiful place to visit, with or without quilts or quilt classes.

To help repay Gail for all of her efforts, we do feed her well.  What you are not seeing, is Gail with her chair tipped back, feet up, enjoying a glass of wine.

I'm off to class this morning at In Between Stitches.  After that, we are off to softball batting practice to see our granddaughter.  Then back to the mountains on Wednesday to finish getting ready for the Sierra Quilt Guild show this weekend.  Time management is going to be key over the next few weeks.



Thursday, September 7, 2017

Red Letter Day

 Hello Everyone,

What a way to start my day.  I knew Country Charmer was going to be the Cover Girl on the next Keepsake Quilting catalog....and here she is in all of her glory!!  I think she is looking pretty fabulous.  She is a centerfold without a staple in her navel.
Click HERE to see the new catalog.  If you have been thinking about making a Country Charmer, now is your chance.  All of the Robert Kaufman Holiday Flourish fabrics are selected for you.

 If you're thinking about purchasing the pattern or the kit, I'm going to dangle a quilting carrot in front of you.  I have an extensive tutorial for this quilt on my blog.  To access it, click on the Country Charmer tab on the top of the blog HERE.

Prairie Flower is also in the new catalog.  Click HERE to link to Prairie Flower.  The fabrics were designed by Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics and the line is called Conestoga Crossing.

I'm just thrilled to see both of these quilts so artfully displayed in the catalog.  I'm just bubbling over with excitement this morning.  Thank you Keepsake Quilting for showcasing my patterns.  Thank you fabric designers Pam Buda from Marcus Fabrics, and Peggy Toole from Robert Kaufman Fabrics.  Your creativity makes my job as a pattern designer an easy one.

After I come down from this quilting high, I have to get back to work preparing for my two retreats.  My sister Gail is here at the cabin and we've been cutting kits for two days straight.  My quilting room that was so nice and tidy, now looks like a bomb went off in it.  Creativity at work!



Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Hello Everyone,
I'm back to blogging.  Most of the moving is finished and we are starting day #5 of our life in the mountains.  After I finished organizing my sewing room, I worked on the front porch.
We brought up this old, heavy headboard from the other house and hung it up.  I felt like I needed Popeye's muscles to suspend this thing in the air while Mr. Joe drilled the holes.  I always get an "ouchy" when drilling into these logs.  It can't be covered up with putty if you change your mind.

I'll take more pictures of the inside once I get it all settled and arranged just the way I want it.  Almost all of the quilts are here since I'm getting ready for shows and lectures.  I'll place them around the house until it's time to pack them up.

I stopped unpacking long enough to drive over to Sutter Creek for a guild lecture last week.  What a nice group of quilters!  This day was the start of our horrendous heat wave.  It was 110 degrees on the drive over and probably 85 degrees inside the meeting room.  The fans were flying.


I placed an order with Paper Pieces for my 1" templates for Grammy Square.  They even personalized them!

I'm preparing for my Grammy Squares class at Alden Lane Nursery for Quilting in the Garden on September 21st. I still have a couple of openings in the class.  I discovered a new way to make the hexagons which I think is a bit easier.  I'll be posting a tutorial soon.

I can make three blocks out of the little fabric packets that my sister Gail has been making for me.  We now have hundreds of them!

My sister Gail is coming up today to help me get kits together for the next two shows and the retreats.  The next 8 weeks are going to be very busy!
Yesterday I joined the Independence Hall Quilt Guild here in Arnold.  When I parked at the Community Center, I found a track at the Elementary School.  This was the perfect place to take Mazey for a walk last night.

Mazey is hiding from the bear that we saw in the meadow.  That was a little bit of extra excitement that we didn't plan on.

Our city neighbor John, pointed out to me how the lyrics to The Jefferson's sitcom applies to us. 

 "Well we're movin' on up, to the East side. To the deluxe apartment in the sky. Movin' on up to the East side.  We finally got a piece of the pie."

With that eye worm is swirling around your head, I'm going to leave you.