Monday, December 11, 2017

Ravenswood Victorian Yuletide Event

Hello Everyone,
I was so honored to be asked by the docents of Ravenswood Historic Estate to put my quilts on display during their Victorian Yuletide Christmas.   A beautiful, crisp morning in the vineyard greeted us as we arrived early to stage the quilts.  The first quilt I placed was my very first design, The House on Edgewood Lane.

Second up was Country Charmer.  It fit right into this country setting.

Spoken For is very shy, and preferred to be in the corner.

This quilt is called Christmas Windows by Brandywine Design.  I love putting it out every Christmas.

Mr. Joe marveled at the wood in the doors above Heritage.  So beautiful!

Madrigal was singing a song along with the Victrola.

Every bathroom needs to have a Grammy Square quilt to cover up the commode!

The master bedroom was decorated with For the Love of Baskets, and Emilie Elizabeth.

Lil' Orphan Scrappy had a bedroom all to herself.

The living room was so cozy.

Toyland Tree has it's own bed too.

The shoes under the bed was an amusing touch.

I spy a Party in the Garden quilt!

The house is charmed and charming.  It sat vacant and run down for years!  During that time, not one stained glass window was broken before the restoration took place.

The cottage is so inviting.

Mr. Joe and I walked through the Ravenswood grounds once the quilts were all settled in for the day.

This is the main house on the property.  I can only imagine the events held at this house throughout the decades.

This road leads to one of the old buildings from the original winery.

Not a cloud in the sky.

 The leaves aren't giving up their hold on the vines just yet.
I hope you all have a wonderful week preparing for Christmas.  I so enjoy the days leading up to the Holidays.....except for the shopping!  I'm headed out to finish that off today.  I love to wrap the presents, do some baking, send out cards, and listen to Christmas carols.  It's the most wonderful time of the year!  I feel a song coming on.


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Paradise Pines Pillows

Hello Everyone,
The four pillows are done!  Or I could say, "The pillows are coming, the pillows are coming!"  

The majority of the fabrics are Forever Green by Holly Taylor for Moda.  I incorporated just two other fabrics which aren't in the line.
 At this point they were just pillow flimsys without a pillow form.  (Except for one of them).

I love the rich browns.

I went around the cabin and scavenged some other pillow forms for this shot.

First, I made just one pillow to test out all of the measurements. When I was completely happy with my scribbled figures, I went ahead and made 96 Y-squares and sewed them together in strips.  Once this was done, the pillows were a snap.  The Y-squares were a bit time consuming, but they "make" the pillow.

I have a wonderful room for quilting.  Does it look this tidy now?  Absolutely! (If you believe that, I have some swamp land to sell you!)  I love being in my little bit of heaven, but I'm away from the cozy fire, the Christmas Tree, TV, and Mr. that order.  It's a good thing he doesn't read my blog!

So, I moved my sewing machine to the table in front of the fire, and quilt my day away right here.  Excuse the graininess of the picture, still working on getting a good shot with subtle lighting.  I actually get a lot done when I'm out in the middle of the room making a mess of everything!

 We had a good week here in our beloved mountains.  We discovered a new winery last weekend, Ayrael Vieux, in Murphys.  It is going to be our go-to picnic place when we are out and about.

Our dear friends came for a visit on Monday to Wednesday.  Mike is between cancer treatments, and a few days in the mountains is just what the doctor ordered.  Mike has been Santa to our kids and grand kids for years.  We have a rich history of friendship spanning forty years beginning when our kids were in preschool together.
Mike also played Santa at the In Between Stitches Preview Party a few years ago.

A short walk in Calaveras Big Trees restores the soul.  We are at this park so often, we should just move there and take up residence.  We have always gone hiking with Mike and Kathy.  Now our hikes are a bit shorter, but just as satisfying.

How would you like to decorate this tree for Christmas?

We are headed back to the city with a sleigh, I mean car full of quilts for the Victorian Yuletide Christmas at Ravenswood.  It should be a fun event.
Enjoy your weekend to the fullest!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ravenswood Victorian Yuletide

Hello Everyone,
I was so honored when I was asked if I would display my quilts in the cottage at Ravenswood during the Victoria Yuletide event this Sunday in Livermore.
The event is FREE!  You can't beat that. If you need a break from shopping, wrapping, and baking, come on over to Ravenswood and step back in time to see a true Victorian Yuletide, and get a good dose of Christmas spirit. The weather should be perfect while strolling through the beautiful grounds. 

The 100 acre estate was built in the late 1880's and is a treasured historic site in the Livermore Valley.  My quilts will be on display in the cottage, which is the building on the left hand side of the picture.  The main house is on the right.

Some of the photos are from past Yuletide events.

Three years ago I did a photo shoot with For the Love of Baskets in the cottage and around the grounds of the former winery.

It was the perfect location to get some great pictures.

This wall is part of the former winery.

I may even put another quilt in the bathtub when I'm staging the quilts on Sunday.

Nothing gets me in the Christmas more than listening to carolers.

I hope to get a lot of great pictures during the staging process of ten or twelve of my quilts.  Stayed turned for the pictures next week.


 P.S. If you are interested in For The Love of Baskets, it is available HERE in my Etsy store.